Smart Predict with SAC

The current book „Smart Predict in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)“ picks up some aspects from my first book „Data Mining in SAP NetWeaver BI“ from 2007.

Is this now the same content in the new cover? 

Regression analysis has not changed from 2007 (or before) to 2013, but the technology and applicability has! The diagram shows the change (see below).

  • 2007 required extensive technological knowledge in the application (only Expert)  
  • 2020 is characterised as a simple application for normal users (without Expert knowledge)

In the course of digitalization, numerous data driven applications are available to end user directly or in the background.

Why not use this technology specifically to increase objectivity, transparency and fairness in employee-related aspects?

Successful and innovative companies do it with SAP Analytics Cloud! 

Just contact me or get a quick overview with my book, which you can find under the following link (Sorry, but the book is only available in German).

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